At Cypress Slough Hunting Club, the primary focus and goal is for all of our members and their guests to have fun, safe and productive hunts. Each duck hole – whether it’s a Blind, Pit, or Standing Timber – has been designed and maintained to produce a great duck hunting experience. Located in the heart of the Mississippi Flyway, Tunica, Mississippi has historically and consistently produced excellent duck hunting and Cypress Slough has 25-30 duck holes to meet any hunter’s needs.

Every morning, at 5:15 SHARP, we have a draw at the lodge that is equally fair to all hunters. Hunters choose who they want to hunt with, we group up, and one person from each group comes forward and picks a number/card/chip to decide their hole location for the day.

There are enough blind locations and hunting properties at CSHC to allow plenty of resting holes for the waterfowl.

To join, or simply to get more information about Cypress Slough Hunting Club, contact Phil Cagle and he’ll be happy to tell you all you need to know.

Cypress Slough - Tunica, MS - Ducks Flying